From the premier selection of cigars all the way down to the comfortable in-house seating and atmosphere it's a cigar enthusiast's dream come true. Bill's La Habana Cigar Club which is located in South Pasadena, FL is in an accessible location for anyone in the St Petersburg area and it justifies a visit for anyone who is looking to buy or smoke a cigar.

Are you looking to buy a box of cigars for a wedding party or barbeque? Do you want to purchase cigars to take on your trip to the mountains or boat trip? We got you covered and are happy to provide you with a premium product at an affordable price. Stop in and get the cigar you want or let Bill help you choose exactly what taste you are seeking.

Affordable Prices
The prices are exceptional yet the value is out of this world. It's this 'bang for your buck' setup that will leave you with a good feeling. The location has emphasized customer service and that includes the rates on offer for its cigars. Combine this with the setting and overall experience to understand what a great deal should include when it comes to modern-day cigar clubs. Bill's La Habana Cigar Club is an example of a perfect blend of affordability and quality.
Tremendous Customer Service
One thing is apparent as soon as one walks through the front door and asks for the selection of cigars. It is the attention to detail and world-class customer service that is on offer. They pay attention to everything to ensure you feel right at home and can enjoy the social setting to its fullest potential. The staff is not only knowledgeable but professional and courteous all wrapped into one making it a brilliant experience. Some of the largest establishments around the nation tend to falter in this regard but Bill's La Habana Cigar Club knocks it out of the park.
World-Class Products
What is the main requirement for any cigar enthusiast? It is the selection of cigars! You want the cigars to be refined, smooth, and downright awesome and that is where Bill's La Habana Cigar Club takes the cake. It has to do with the emphasis on quality as they never steer away from it. You can tell based on the furniture, lighting, and everything else within the location. They focus on everything and that includes the amazing cigars that are in their selection. It makes choosing a good cigar easy as you go through them one by one with a smile on your face.

You will be able to go with one of the cigars and know it is going to be consistent. The purity of Bill's La Habana Cigar Club and its cigars is what makes it a brilliant option in St. Petersburg, FL.

Best Cigar Connoisseur
The reason Bill's La Habana Cigar Club is such an extraordinary option in St. Petersburg has to do with its namesake. Bill has become a reputable name in the local community when it pertains to cigars because he is the ultimate cigar connoisseur. The way he speaks about cigars and the amount of knowledge he has on the subject makes it a no-brainer to visit. Bill is one of the best when it comes to picking out a good cigar and illustrating what makes it special. You will notice this as soon as you go through the selection for the first time. Every cigar is a masterpiece.