About Bill’s La Habana Cigar Club and Retail Cigar Shop


We aren’t a St. Petersburg tobacco shop, but if you want to buy or smoke great cigars, you have found the right local spot at Bill’s La Habana Cigar Club!

We are a cigar shop and lounge where you can buy cigars or smoke your cigars with no pressure. Come on in! We look forward to seeing you here locally. St Pete, FL., is the place to be, and if you were in town and wanted to smoke a great cigar, you might want to know where to go.

Bill’s La Habana Cigar Club is open for business and is excited to help you enjoy a great cigar at a great price. Come on in and experience the warmth of our community as you discover the perfect blend to suit your taste. You know you are ready for a cigar!

It’s no longer just a man’s game. Women are smoking cigars just like men. Are you a woman who wants to try a cigar or has questions about flavors? Bill’s La Habana Cigar Club can help you. Come on in, and we will get you set up! 

About the Seasoned Owner at Bill’s La Habana Cigar Club

Owner Bill Elsasser has been busy expanding the offerings and enhancing the atmosphere at the cigar lounge on Pasadena Ave. He aims to provide the world’s best cigars and a place where lovers of the ‘cigar life’ can meet like-minded patrons and relax.

To that end, he’s been researching a new look and theme for the vintage establishment. Along with this, he’s introducing new products to complement cigars, pipe tobacco, lighters, humidors, cutters, and other accouterments for purchase in the store. “Any accessory for the cigar world, we can get,’ he says, ‘and we can compete with online vendors for box purchases.”

Elsasser, 66, is deeply passionate about cigars and their culture. Since he discovered them about ten years ago, he’s been learning everything he can about them. He states, “There is much to know about cigars, their manufacture, history, and the associated lifestyle.”

“People from all walks of life enjoy cigars,” he says, adding that he’s met everyone from plumbers and cattle ranchers to chief executive officers pursuing his interest. “It’s a very social business,” he says. Ask him about his beloved cigars, and he can wax poetic.

Owner of Bill’s La Habana Cigar Club Enjoys a Smoke

Ready to Indulge With Top-Rated Cigars at Bill’s La Habana Cigar Club

Our on-duty expert will guide you through the intricate details of cigar smoking, including fillers, binders, and wrappers. You’ll learn about flavor profiles ranging from creamy and sweet to nutty and peppery. You’ll also learn about the different strengths of cigars, from mild to full-bodied.

But it’s not just about the cigar itself – our expert will share insights into the cigar culture surrounding it. You’ll hear about the joys of relaxing with good friends and enjoying the sensory experience of smoking a great cigar. The aromas and memories will transport you as you savor each puff, returning to celebrations and family gatherings.

With a national network of fellow cigar enthusiasts, our experts will surely provide a wealth of knowledge. Visits to hundreds of cigar lounges across the country have further enriched their insights into the world of cigars. Get ready to become a true aficionado!

It’s a very labor-intensive business. It’s fascinating.’ ‘I love the South Pasadena, St. Petersburg, Gulfport area. It’s fantastic because it’s so laid back, the weather is warm and the people are great talkers. I’m here for the customer. That’s what I offer: customer service.” says Owner Bill Elsasser.

He says he aims to provide the world’s best cigars at an affordable price. It’s where lovers of the ‘cigar life’ can meet like-minded patrons and relax with a cigar in hand. Local cigar aficionados and anyone else seeking cigars can delight in the wide selection and welcoming atmosphere at Bill’s La Habana Cigar Club.

Why Choose Bill’s La Habana Cigar Club and Lounge?

  • World’s Best Cigars: Enjoy premium quality without breaking the bank.
  • Meet Like-Minded People: Connect with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion.
  • Relax and Unwind: Find your comfort zone with a cigar in hand.


• Esteban Carreras Hellcat Robusto • Fat Bottom Betty • Gran Habano Corojo #5 • Gurkha Ninja • Havana Classico • Jaime Garcia Robusto • La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor • Liga Privada #9 Bellicoso


• AFuente 858 Maduro • AFuente Curly Head • AFuente Short Story • AJ Fernandez Sampler • Blanco #9 Torpedo • Blanco Liga Exclusiva Maduro Toro • Boveda Pak • Camacho Diploma


• Montecristo Classic #2 Toro • Oliva Serie O Corona • Padron 7000 Maduro • Perdomo Factory Blend Maduro • Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon • Sobremesa Cervantes Fino • Tabak Especial Negra Robusto • Undercrown Shade Churchill